Minimal Windows Series
AGFS offers turn-key services and systems brought from the European market in designing, manufacturing, installing and exporting its finished aluminium products to the building industry, such as luxury villas and bungalows having a whole glass house from where the outside view is easily accessible.

At AGFS, we proudly present our innovative Minimal Windows Series – a revolutionary aluminium sliding window system. Our windows combine sleek design with easy-to-operate features, making them the ideal choice for modern homeowners looking to upgrade their homes. The series comprises virtually frameless designs that provide an uninterrupted view and bring more natural light into your living space.

The unique design of the Minimal Windows Series provides numerous benefits, including extra security and strength due to its robust construction. Furthermore, its simple gliding operation makes it incredibly convenient to open or close the windows with minimal effort. Additionally, this series comes with a range of accessories designed for convenience, such as adjustable hinges for easy opening and closing. This system also offers excellent insulation against heat loss or gain, ensuring your home stays comfortable all year round.