Project Name:

Durga Bearing




Andheri MIDC


Curtain Wall Glazing

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Engineering Complexity Done Right

Durga Bearing

Engineering marvels in curtain Wall Glazing

This Durga Bearing commercial office curtain wall glazing system is a marvel of engineering and construction. The building has been constructed to the highest standards, displaying exceptional skill in its design and implementation. Made using a mixture of glass, aluminium frames and other materials, the curtain wall glazing system creates an aesthetically pleasing environment that is light-filled and airy. Not only does this design enhance the natural light within the building, but it also offers superior energy efficiency due to its advanced insulation properties. Moreover, the quality of this structure stands out among others in its field, with its robust build quality ensuring years of reliable performance with minimal maintenance requirements.


Engineering Complexity Done Right

This 32000 sq ft commercial office curtain wall glazing system project was a show stopper for its engineering complexity and the quality of materials used in the construction. From innovative design to superior fabrication and installation, this state-of-the-art façade system is a testament to modern engineering and architecture capabilities. The project involved extensive research and development into materials, coatings and finishes that would meet aesthetic considerations and the necessary performance requirements. The result was an all glass façade system with a finishing that provided superior clarity and thermal comfort while delivering superior energy efficiency. It’s no surprise why this project has become an example of excellence in global commercial office glazing systems.