Spider Glazing

Spider Glazing, a part of the frame-less glass system, is becoming increasingly popular in modern construction. This glazing offers a flush external appearance with uninterrupted views that allow natural light to pass through unobstructed. It also maximizes transparency and can provide an impressive aesthetic appeal to any structure.

Aside from its aesthetics, Spider Glazing also provides numerous practical advantages. Its slim profile means it takes up less space than traditional glazing systems while being able to bear larger loads and offers superior levels of weather protection. In addition, Spider Glazing is easy to install and maintain since no additional framework or components are needed for installation – this makes it much faster and cost-efficient compared to other types of glazing systems.

At AGFS, we create spider glazing systems for commercial structures. Our unique design utilizes a patented approach that allows full customization of each glazing panel to meet the specific needs of the building. In addition, the frame is made from a combination of aluminium and steel that ensures maximum strength and durability and is designed to provide a long-term solution for any structure.

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The use of spider glazing has become increasingly popular due to its ability to reduce energy costs while still providing stunning visuals. Unlike traditional glass systems, our spider glazing consists of individual panels connected using an advanced interlocking mechanism. This allows these panels to be easily adjusted according to changing weather conditions or styles without disassembling the entire system. Furthermore, our system provides superior sound insulation and is resistant to wind loads up to 250 mph!