Radisson blu curtain wall glazing

Radisson blu curtain wall glazing

AGFS India proudly presents aluminium curtain wall glazing solutions for your architectural projects. Our expertise in curtain wall glazing is unparalleled, with a focus on precision and excellence in every curtain wall glazing system we create. Our attention to detail in curtain wall glazing details ensures the structural integrity and aesthetics of your buildings. Whether you’re looking for modern curtain wall details that enhance the design or sustainable glass structures that elevate the sustainability of your projects, AGFS India is your trusted partner. Our curtain wall glazing solutions transform your vision into reality, delivering high-quality, innovative, and reliable results for every project.

Curtain wall

AGFS India introduces state-of-the-art solutions to architectural design with our exceptional glazed curtain wall systems. Our expertise extends to the innovative curtain wall unitized system, ensuring seamless construction and impeccable aesthetics. AGFS India offers groundbreaking solutions for your curtain wall facade, harmonizing both design and function. Our commitment to quality and precision is clear in every curtain wall cladding project we undertake, enhancing your building’s aesthetics and structural integrity. As we believe in the importance of a sustainable and aesthetically pleasing building envelope, our solutions are tailored to elevate the visual appeal and sustainability of your architectural projects, transforming your vision into reality.

Curtain wall glazing

At AGFS India, we specialize in transforming architectural visions into reality with our expertise in curtain wall glazing. Our commitment to excellence is clear in every meticulously planned curtain wall detail, ensuring that your project boasts both structural integrity and aesthetic appeal. We offer precision in our glazed curtain wall details, promising a harmonious blend of style and function. With a focus on sustainability, our aluminium curtain wall details showcase innovation and quality. Every curtain wall plan we create is tailored to your project’s unique requirements, ensuring that your exterior facade stands out as a testament to exceptional design and quality, reflecting both your vision and our commitment to excellence.

Glazed curtain wall

AGFS India presents a revolution in architectural design with our innovative glazed curtain wall solutions. Our meticulous approach to the curtain wall section ensures a perfect blend of form and function in every architectural project. We pay attention to the finest curtain wall detail, reflecting our commitment to superior aesthetics and structural soundness. With a focus on sustainability, our aluminium glass curtain wall system exceeds expectations. We offer tailor-made solutions for your curtain wall partition, resulting in a harmonious fusion of design and function. Elevate your architectural vision with our solutions that transform your exterior cladding into a masterpiece, reflecting both style and precision.

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AGFS India introduces an unparalleled curtain wall system that marries form and function in architectural design. We take pride in our ability to design curtain wall solutions that are not only aesthetically stunning but also structurally sound. Our glazed curtain wall system embodies innovation and precision, promising the perfect blend of style and sustainability. At AGFS India, we understand the importance of architectural curtain wall detail, ensuring your projects are both visually striking and structurally sound. Our solutions, be it for curtain wall buildings or building panels, are tailored to exceed expectations, transforming your architectural vision into reality. Elevate your project, whether it’s a hotel exterior or any other architectural marvel, with AGFS India’s curtain wall systems.

Curtain wall facade

AGFS India takes pride in offering solutions for your architectural projects with our innovative curtain wall facade systems. Our expertise spans a diverse range of options, including the meticulous design of glazed aluminum curtain wall solutions that exemplify both form and function. We cater to various curtain wall types, ensuring that your project is complemented by an architectural masterpiece that stands out. Our attention to detail is clear in the precision of the curtain wall section, harmonizing both aesthetics and structural soundness. Whether it’s wall glazing or the intricacies of a design curtain wall, AGFS India is your trusted partner in transforming your architectural vision into reality, enhancing both aesthetics and sustainability.

Project Name:



Mr. Suhasish Chakraborty.


Karjat Maharashtra


Curtain Wall Glazing

Size of the project:

12,220 sqft.

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Delivering engineering Solutions with customized curtain wall glazing systems.

Radisson Blu

Installing curtain wall glazing for hotel commercial projects.

The recently completed RADISSON BLU Hotel commercial project at Karjat, India, stands out due to its extensive use of curtain wall glazing. The project’s total size was 12,220 sq. ft, and a major amount of this was allocated towards installing curtain wall glazing. This modern building is an impressive sight, with large glass walls that flood the interior with natural light and provide stunning views from inside and outside.
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Delivering engineering Solutions with customized curtain wall glazing systems.

We have worked on this unique project to deliver high-quality engineering solutions. Our team employed advanced technology and modern tools. This ensured that all safety standards were met while providing aesthetically pleasing results for our clientele. We are proud to have successfully delivered a superior quality product to meet their needs!

Turning heads with its innovative engineering precision in Curtain Wall Glazing

The cutting-edge technology provides a beautiful aesthetic to the complete project of Radisson BLU. It also protects against the elements while allowing plenty of natural light into the building. Using custom designed curtain wall glazing gives this hotel an edge over others in terms of style and performance. The glazing is engineered precisely to reduce noise pollution. It also increases energy efficiency, and provide greater durability than traditional window systems. It also helps to create an airtight seal that prevents air infiltration which can lead to mold growth or heat loss during winter.