Project Name:





Panvel, Maharashtra


Curtain Wall Glazing

Size of the project:

32,000 sqft.


Impressive Glazing System

Ramseth Thakur International Sports Complex

Showcasing benchmark to modern glazing technology

We completed the RAMSETH THAKUR INTERNATIONAL SPORTS COMPLEX curtain wall glazing project of 32,000 square feet. The Sports Complex project is a shining example of modern glazing technology: a curtain wall that perfectly balances light, ventilation and style. The challenge of such a large-scale undertaking was immense, as the team had to ensure that all safety standards for this project were met. As such, the complexity and technicality of this project required precision from all involved to provide the highest quality result. From design and engineering to construction and installation, every step was conducted with the utmost care to guarantee the successful completion of the task. The careful approach paid off in full, resulting in a magnificent final product that has already become an iconic feature of the sports complex’s exterior landscape.


Impressive Glazing System

This project highlighted the utmost skill and craftsmanship that went into its construction, as the entire complex features an impressive curtain wall glazing system. The complex’s facade is composed of a true masterpiece of glass systems designed to provide ample natural light during the day and insulation during cold winter. Moreover, these glass systems have unparalleled durability and strength to withstand all weather elements such as rain, snow, wind, etc. The curtain wall glazing system was crafted by expert engineers who have worked hard to create a visually appealing and highly efficient structure.