Project Name:





Tarapur MIDC


Curtain Wall Glazing

Size of the project:

5,500 sqft.


Unparalleled comfort to the office space

Viraj Profile

Exceptional Office Curtain Wall

This unique commercial office curtain wall glazing system has been designed and constructed to the highest standards, displaying exceptional skill and craftsmanship. The project was an opportunity to showcase the advanced engineering capabilities of our company, as well as their commitment to delivering a superior quality product. The process began with rigorously calculated designs used to create custom-made components. Once these had been made, they were then expertly assembled by highly experienced engineers and installers who used their extensive knowledge of curtain wall systems and glazing technology to ensure precision installation. Finally, various tests were performed after construction to ensure the design met all necessary performance criteria before approval.


Unparalleled comfort to the office space

The system is designed with quality precisions and luxurious outcomes that provide unparalleled comfort to the office space. The curtain wall glazing system offers many advantages, including excellent thermal performance, soundproofing capabilities and reduced energy costs. It also ensures safe operation with its optimized ventilation design and high-grade components. In addition, it features innovative safety features like emergency egress devices that allow occupants to exit the building in case of emergencies quickly. Furthermore, this curtain wall glazing system provides a superior look and feel with its cutting-edge design and luxury finishes that are perfect for any modern commercial office space.