Project Name:



Mr. Suhasish Chakraborty.


Karjat Maharashtra


Curtain Wall Glazing

Size of the project:

12,220 sqft.


Delivering engineering Solutions with customized curtain wall glazing systems.

Radisson Blu

Installing curtain wall glazing for hotel commercial projects.

The recently completed RADISSON BLU Hotel commercial project at Karjat, India, stands out due to its extensive use of curtain wall glazing. The project’s total size was 12,220 sq. ft, and a major amount of this was allocated towards installing curtain wall glazing. This modern building is an impressive sight, with large glass walls that flood the interior with natural light and provide stunning views from inside and outside.


Delivering engineering Solutions with customized curtain wall glazing systems.

We have worked on this unique project to deliver high-quality engineering solutions. Our team employed advanced technology and modern tools. This ensured that all safety standards were met while providing aesthetically pleasing results for our clientele. We are proud to have successfully delivered a superior quality product to meet their needs!

Turning heads with its innovative engineering precision in Curtain Wall Glazing

The cutting-edge technology provides a beautiful aesthetic to the complete project of Radisson BLU. It also protects against the elements while allowing plenty of natural light into the building. Using custom designed curtain wall glazing gives this hotel an edge over others in terms of style and performance. The glazing is engineered precisely to reduce noise pollution. It also increases energy efficiency, and provide greater durability than traditional window systems. It also helps to create an airtight seal that prevents air infiltration which can lead to mold growth or heat loss during winter.