Project Name:





Kandivali Mumbai



Size of the project:

24,500 sqft

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Kalpataru Tower

The KALPATARU TOWER residential project in Mumbai is an excellent example of window facade engineering at its best. With the help of their team of experienced architects and engineers, they have created a unique design that takes advantage of both natural and artificial lighting to create a pleasant atmosphere indoors. The use of glass panels allows for maximum light exposure while also providing insulation from the harsh summer heat. In addition, the windows are strategically placed to allow for total views that capture the surrounding cityscape.


The team has gone above and beyond with their attention to detail in this project by designing the windows with precision. This ensures that each panel fits perfectly without any gaps or leaks that would otherwise affect energy efficiency. Furthermore, using anti-glare film on some panes helps reduce incoming UV rays so occupants can still enjoy natural sunlight while staying comfortable indoors during hot days.