45mm Casement Series

4500C, now popular in India. Casement Systems is developed and promoted in cooperation with Alutec Srl. Italy by Siadow Systems Pvt. Ltd., India. We are licensed and equipped to produce and sell the 4500C series.


This series is ideal for regular windows, larger openings and high wind load conditions. This System has glazing options from 5mm to 21mm. These windows are designed for dust and water resistance. This System has corner joints & T-Joints for strong mechanical joineries. High-performance Co-Extruded Gaskets are used in this System which can withstand -30°C to, +50°C resulting in dust, water and noise protection. This series is ideal for regular windows, larger openings and high wind load conditions. The series includes aluminium-clad wood windows, enhanced with the durability of fibreglass exterior sashes and frames. These windows feature a range of styles and designs specifically designed to meet the needs of architects. Their superior engineering provides superior performance in areas prone to high winds as well as providing energy efficiency when used in residential or commercial applications.

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This System has the flexibility for various opening options, such as Internal & External openings Top Hung, Pivoted, Tilt & Turn etc. 

These windows are available in anodized powder coated andDecoral wood finish. A dedicated punching machine does most fabrication functions for precision and consistency.

Alumak Profile is produced by Banco Industries Ltd. Alloy 6063 T6 Temper as per IS-6477 1983 for Dimensional Tolerances and IS-1285 1975 for Chemical Composition & Mechanical Properties.