30mm Slim Series

The AGFS 30mm Slim Series is a slim-looking door that adds a modern architectural look to any interior space. It has 30mm interlocking sections, full fixed glass, and can easily slide open or close. This contemporary design allows maximum light transmission while providing privacy and sound insulation. In addition, its easy installation makes this product perfect for residential and commercial applications.

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This door also has an internal locking system and a range of glazing options to customize to your desired specifications. The frame is made from durable anodized aluminium that won’t rust or corrode over time, and the smooth sliding action ensures easy access even in tight spaces.

The 30MM SLIM SERIES has revolutionized the luxury window market with its innovative double and triple horizontal sliding sashes. These sleek, elegant windows come equipped with a unique handle design that allows you to open and close your windows more efficiently than ever. With its slim profile and high-end construction materials, this series will surely add style and sophistication to any space. The best part about these windows is that they are designed for commercial and residential applications so you can enjoy their beauty in all settings.